Breast Cancer Helping HandSurviving the challenges of breast cancer is physically and emotionally challenging. Thanks to advances in medical technology and therapy, more and more women are successfully beating their cancer. Treatment for breast cancer sometimes causes secondary conditions which have a negative impact on a survivor’s quality of life. One such condition is called lymphedema which is swelling of an arm due to complications of lymph node removal and other treatments.

The James E. Cary Cancer Center is pleased to announce that new breast cancer patients requiring axillary surgery will be screened and routinely monitored for lymphedema by a device that measures lymphedema index (L-Dex). The ImpediMed L-Dex device is the first cleared medical device using low frequency impedance which measures excess fluid buildup in the at-risk arm. The device has been developed to help your doctor detect and treat lymphedema in its earliest stages before swelling and feelings of heaviness occur. The test takes only minutes to perform, is painless, and gives an immediate result.

Ask your Breast Surgeon or our Oncology Nurse Navigator for more information about this service.

Contact the James E. Cary Cancer Center’s Oncology Nurse Navigator, Belinda Krchelich RN-BC, BSN, OCN, at 573-406-5813.

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