The Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the receipt of a $325,000 Challenge Grant to Hannibal Regional Hospital in support of the James E. Cary Cancer Center. The Challenge Grant, offered by the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is in support of the James E. Cary Cancer Center portion of the current Believe Campaign, which is raising funds to purchase a linear accelerator, which is used in the delivery of radiation treatment. Advances in technology continue to assist in increasing the accuracy and success rates of cancer treatments. The new linear accelerator, which will replace the current accelerator, will offer increased precision in treatments, decreased treatment times and also allow for new treatments and procedures to be offered at the James E. Cary Cancer Center. Hannibal Regional Hospital is committed to excellence in healthcare and is very excited about the new linear accelerator and the service it will provide our community.

Todd Ahrens, President and CEO of Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, shared the significance of the challenge grant by stating, “We are very appreciative for the support from the Mabee Foundation. They saw the important role our healthcare system and the James E. Cary Cancer Center plays in offering cancer care to our community. Their support of this project serves as a testament to the importance of purchasing a new linear accelerator and offering new state of the art cancer treatment to our community.” Wendy Harrington, CEO and President of Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation echoes Mr. Ahrens statements, as well as offers appreciation to the community for their support, “A special thanks to the many individuals and businesses who have already supported our campaign. Their generosity helped us in receiving the Challenge Grant. We look forward to working with more donors in support of this important endeavor.”

To date, Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation has raised over $850,000 towards their goal of $1,500,000 for the James E. Cary Cancer Center. The Mabee Foundation’s grant is contingent upon Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation securing the remaining $325,000 for the project by December 31, 2014. Please join the Foundation and our community in supporting cancer care here at home. For more information contact the Foundation at hrhf.org, 573-629-3577, or like them on facebook.
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