Stories of Hope

Roy Wood - Cancer Survivor

Roy heard those words no one wants to hear… “you have cancer.” When Roy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and faced with daily radiation treatments over an extended period of time, he turned to the James E. Cary Cancer Center for help. Roy’s abundant love for life and positive attitude was contagious, and soon Roy was a member of the James E. Cary Cancer Center family, even baking them a pie as he fought his fight against cancer. Roy’s story illustrates his passion for life and his appreciation of the James E. Cary Cancer Center.


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Shana Greening - Cancer Survivor

As a young mother of three, Shana was devastated when she was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing that her battle with cancer would require a number of doctor visits and treatments, being close to home and her family was of utmost importance to her. Shana immediately turned to the James E. Cary Cancer Center and knew she was in the right place to win her fight against cancer. Today, five years later, Shana credits the caring and compassionate team at JECCC for helping her beat cancer.


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Yvonne Cassidy - Cancer Survivor

“You have cancer”…the statement that changes your life. This statement begins a journey that is overwhelming and intimidating, and a journey that no one should have to travel alone. In 2012, Hannibal Regional Hospital Auxiliary saw the need to assist cancer patients in their fight and through their financial support, the new James E. Cary Cancer Center Patient Navigation Program was created. Belinda Krchelich, RN leads the program.


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Donald Sharkey - Cancer Survivor

In 2011, the Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation successfully raised over $150,000 to purchase new state of the art equipment and resources for the James E. Cary Cancer Center through the Rays of Hope Campaign. Today this new equipment is offering advanced healing and hope to the patients at the Cancer Center.

Mr. Donald Sharkey, of Hannibal, is one of the many patients that attributes his health and successful battle with cancer to the resources and care providers at the James E. Cary Cancer Center.

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