One Survivor’s Message of Hope and Strength

 James Devlin went in for a routine doctor visit when he found out there was a problem. He and his wife were asked to come back in right away to speak with the doctor. He had a second blood test which confirmed that his white blood cell count was quite abnormal and he soon found out that he had leukemia. This was traumatic news for him and his family, but his mother, siblings, children, and wife were all prepared to help in any way they could. James began chemotherapy treatment at the James E. Cary Cancer Center, which consisted of six rounds of chemotherapy for three days every four weeks. When they took a bone biopsy after the chemotherapy they discovered his numbers were down and much closer to where they should be. 

However, his activity levels were not back to normal and he was experiencing a lack of stamina and strength. Then he heard about the free exercise and wellness program, Strength for Survivors, being held at the YMCA. With the continued support of his wife and family, James began the program and started to gain back the strength he had lost. He would now like others to know about the program and how much better it made him feel so that they can experience the Strength for Survivors program and the benefits of participating in it. He says, “The program was specifically tailored to the comfort level of each participant.” He also notes, “I always felt better after coming to class.” James was able to start doing more things after his experience with this wonderful program and hopes to be able to help others by getting the word out and encouraging them to sign up and experience it for themselves. 

For more information about the Strength for Survivors program, contact Drew Earls at the YMCA of Hannibal by calling 573-221-0586.

The Strength for Survivors program is a free 6-week exercise program for cancer survivors. It’s open to all cancer survivors. It was brought to the YMCA of Hannibal by the Life. Light. Hope. Fund, Hannibal Regional Foundation, Hannibal Regional Infusion Center, the James E. Cary Cancer Center and the Riedel Foundation.